Yoga Poses for High Blood Pressure to Do at Home

High blood pressure, also called “silent killer”, is a serious condition that increases the risks of heart failure, stroke, or kidney disease.

Doctors claim that 1 in 3 adults in the USA is affected by hypertension, so chances are, at least, one person that you know, some family member, a good friend, or someone you work with, has high blood pressure and takes medications to bring it under control. 

Yoga and High Blood Pressure

There are some effective natural remedies that can help you reduce high blood pressure and yoga is one of the greatest.

Yoga, as a mind-body practice, can decrease stress-induced high blood pressure. While training the muscles and mind to relax deeply, it slows down the heart and pacifies the sympathetic nervous system.

As Your Health Tuber who have experience with yoga, I can say that yoga changed my response to stress and had incredible influence on the quality of my life, physically and psychologically, so I highly recommend yoga for each person, especially for someone who suffers from hypertension.

For that reason, in this article, I’ve decided to present you some of the easiest and most effective yoga poses that I usually do at home.

Starting a home practice is a great way to maintain your yoga practice. The best thing about a home-based yoga practice is that you can do it anytime and anywhere you like. Moreover, it can start and end when you want, target your physical needs and mood, and you can listen to any genre or volume of music that moves you in that particular moment. I personally recommend soothing sounds of nature and meditation music!

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Stress-relieving Yoga poses 

Here are 5 amazing stress- relieving yoga poses that you can do at home:

  1. Facing Dog Pose

This is a standing pose that builds strength while you are stretching the entire body. It is named after the way dog naturally stretch its body. Facing Dog pose is good for the nervous system and can help you release stress and tension.

  1. Standing Forward Bend Pose

It lengthens the spinal column, stretches the back muscles and backs of the legs. This is an excellent pose that stimulates nervous, digestive, endocrine, and urogenital systems.

  1. Warrior I pose

It opens the chest and hips, strengthens and stretches the arms and legs. Warrior I develops balance, concentration, and calmness. This posture improves respiration and circulation and energizes the whole body.

  1. Mountain pose

It is the foundation for the standing postures. This pose will help you improves posture, confidence, stability, and gives your body and mind great relaxation. 

  1. Child pose

Child pose is a resting pose that you can do at any time and is mostly enjoyable after you are done with the rest of the poses.




Yoga poses can warm, stretch, and strengthen the entire body. They can also improve your health on many levels and certainly reduce high blood pressure. What makes this yoga poses so amazing is the fact that you can do them anytime at home, they will increase your energy and blood flow while calming your mind.