Try The Easiest Way to Quit Smoking!

Smoking is a one of the most popular addictions all over the world. Many statistics have shown that most of the smokers wanted to quit smoking in certain period of their life. To claim that these people had no prior desire or motivation to quit smoking would undoubtedly not be true.

As Joel Spitzer (an American smoking cessation educator) suspects, most smokers have particular levels of motivation to quit, but a motivation without an understanding of the addiction and its treatment is simply not enough to succeed.

However, there are studies who claim that if you really want to quit smoking, you should consume more fruits and vegetable in order to stay free and give up from tobacco. These studies revealed that smokers who consume lots of fruits and vegetables are four times more likely to stop smoking.

Do you think this is possible?

 If you think better, this statement is pretty logical and truly possible! 

Eating healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, will teach your metabolism what’s good for you, and the next cigarette you will take it will have such a disgusting taste that you will start not to enjoy smoking that much, and reduce cigarettes after a while.

Scientists have proven that smokers who ate more fruits and vegetables were four times more likely to be free from tobacco for about one month, and most of them quit smoking 14 months later. However, these results persevered although adjustments were made to consider gender, age, education, race/ethnicity, household income, and health orientation.

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Previous data has proven that smokers have a tendency to consume fewer vegetables and fruits than non-smokers. Studies have demonstrated that some foods actually make the taste of tobacco worse, particularly dairy products, milk, and of course, most of the fruits and vegetables, while red meat, alcohol, and especially coffee make tobacco taste better.



Numerous explanations are possible, but as we mentioned before, healthy food is one of the most significant ones. So, if you experience a tobacco craving on some point, you should eat increased amounts of vegetables, fruits, or drink a glass of milk. That is a great way to curb the urge to smoke cigarettes. A nutritional approach will be an amazing start, but there are also different medications and counseling that can help you quit smoking.

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