Jessica Alba’s Workout Secrets

Jessica Alba’s workout secrets are some of the best ways to motivate yourself and do some exercise at home.

Jessica Alba (35) is a popular actress and a very charming lady who often finds herself at the top of lists of the world’s prettiest and hottest women. The mother-of-2 has spoken openly about how she fits in exercise sessions in her work schedule.

“If I work out 4 times, I consider it a successful week,” Alba told Shape magazine. “But it is typically more like 2-3 days a week because that’s what I have time for.

The Hollywood actress is not shy about confessing what she does not do. Alba does not: eat an alkaline, vegan, or another trendy diet; work out every day; or walk without makeup on the red carpet.

Photo credit: Jessica Alba / Instagram

Alba’s personal trainer Ramona Braganza, talked to PopSugar Fitness about Jessica’s workout routine and revealed the secrets of her client’s beautiful body. Braganza demonstrated the training that helped this celebrity get back into shape after pregnancy. Following, you can find the 3 simple yet really effective exercises that can tighten your abdomen and lift the buttocks.

#1 Exercise : Tabletop heel taps


What to do:

Lie on the back, raise the legs bent at the knees. Then, exhale and lower one leg down till your heel touches the ground. Inhale and lift the leg back to the starting point.

Repeat this with the other leg. Repeat the exercise for around 1 minute.

Health benefits: This exercise will help you to strengthen your front thigh muscles, and will also help to tone your abs.

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#2 Exercise : Bridge

What to do:

Lying on the back, bend the knees and place the feet hip-width apart. Next, exhale while rising the lower back and your hips off the ground to a relaxed position. You should focus on squeezing the buttocks muscles while raising the hips to the highest point.

Pause at the top for 1 second, and then lower the body back down. Perform the exercise for around 1 minute.

Health benefits: It’s an excellent move for strengthening and toning the back of the thighs and your buttocks.


#3 Exercise:  ’Clam’

What to do:

Lie on the side with the legs stacked and knees slightly bent. Lift the top knee up – do not move the pelvis. The legs should look as an open clamshell. When your knee will reach its highest position – you should direct it right toward the ceiling.

Slowly bring the knee back down to the starting point. You should perform this exercise for about 30 seconds for each leg.

Health benefits: This exercise effectively targets the thigh muscles, straightens your back, and tightens your abs.



Jessica Alba’s workout secrets are simple exercises that you can do home. Evidently, this Hollywood actress does not limit herself to these 3 moves. Her great body is the result of healthy eating and regular training. However, these exercises (that you should do every day in order to get the wanted results) will help you to get into shape fast after a long workout break.