30-Minute Effective At-Home Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are any exercises that raise your heart rate. They are an effective way to keep your metabolism healthy and strong and burn off extra calories. The benefits and importance of doing cardio are clear, but unfortunately, many people do not know what constitutes as efficient cardio. Sometimes, expensive aerobic or fitness centers are not always the best choice for you or your health condition.

About At-Home Cardio Workouts

The at-home cardio workout is a great way to stay active, improve your cardiovascular health and burn fat. Plus, instead of feeling guilty after splurging on the banana bread or ice-cream, knowing that you’ve held on with your cardio workouts will aid you to feel strong and satisfied.

Not all cardio exercises should be intense. Particularly on days where you are working on tired and sore muscles from an especially hard routine is truly important to have a lower impact routine. This is mostly important for people who go to a gym.

A less intense cardio workout at home will allow you to exercise, and not taxing your body to a point to damage your muscle tissue.

A common mistake for many people who are new to workouts, or coming back after a long break, is to push themselves too hard. When first getting back into an exercise routine you need to start with 5- minute cardio workout. After, 5 days you can add 5-10 more minutes and so on.

These cardio workouts are specifically made for beginners and people who want to exercise but have sore muscles that they should be easy on.

With this video, you could choose your level of intensity by how much effort you put into the movements and how quickly you move. Although this workout is designed to be lower intensity it still does an amazing job burning calories. It will give you an impressive 203 to 389 total calories burnt in this 30-minute workout video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_K9ROuePCk

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Warm Up

Warm up properly before working out to prevent injury and make your exercises more effective. The warm-up routine should take at least 4 minutes. If you feel the need you should warm up for longer.

Workout Structure

Dr. Lance Dalleck, a researcher and assistant professor at Western State Colorado University., notes that while workout structure is important, at the end of the day, your individual preferences and ability goals need to be always taken into consideration when structuring your personal approach to workouts while also keeping the skill on how to maximize physiological response to training in mind.

Cool Down

Cool down-workouts are light exercises that help your body switch from working hard to resting. This can be a significant part of your cardio workouts for various reasons. Some of the them include:

  • Reduce strain on the heart muscle as it goes from exercising itself back to normal;
  • Prevent dizziness and other discomforts from blood pooling in the lower extremities after exercise
  • Promote a “feel good” feeling. A nice walk afterward helps your arms and legs feel better.



Cardio workouts are a significant part of one’s lifestyle. They can help keep your weight under control, lower the risk of serious ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and many others.

However, many people forget one of the most crucial parts of exercising. It is not how much you work out but how you work out. Don’t forget that being in good shape is good for you!